I grew up on junk food...

Growing up on white bread tuna sandwiches, Hawaiian Punch, and devil dogs, I was not the picture of health. After school it was a pizza, cupcakes, ice cream, and whatever junk food my friends and I could get our hands on. Even though I was sick all the time and walked around with big dark circles under my eyes, I was skinny and a good student so nobody cared what I ate.

In my 20s I wasn't skinny anymore. My husband and I worked over 80 hours a week building a financial tech company, and often ate out three meals a day. Many times dinner was a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream with two spoons! I was super stressed, anxious, and beyond exhausted, but just kept going and going and going until...

At age 31, in the middle of a successful career and being a mom, I collapsed. Literally.


So began my 20-year quest to figure out the mystery of my health – and how to restore it. I paid attention to how foods made me feel, the importance of sleep and regular exercise, the effects of caffeine, the role of happiness and positive thinking. I gradually discovered what I needed to thrive – and it wasn’t medication or devil dogs. Nor was it shakes, bars, or high fiber packaged foods.

Now I eat to feel great. I meditate. I listen to my body. I walk my walk.

You see, finding happiness, health, and balance isn’t about following someone else's plan. It is about finding out what truly nourishes YOU.


My journey led to me back to school where I learned how to combine holistic nutrition with my years of personal experimentation and entrepreneurial problem-solving skills. I founded Healthy, Happy, and Hip to help type-A go-getters like me regain their health, vitality, and passion for life.

If you are ready to shed the stressed-out, low-energy, brain-fog-filled life that you have and want someone who has been there, walked in your heels, and doesn’t judge you in the least, then together we can do it!

So let’s get started. First step is to: