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I'm Not Pregnant, Just Bloated!

Do you ever bloat so much that you look 8 months pregnant?

Well, sometimes I do, and I have for the last 25 years. YIKES!

If you saw me on the street, you probably wouldn’t notice my bloated belly because it is usually stuffed inside my tight jeans or spandex undies. However, if you happened to be present with me as I unzipped my jeans at the end of one of those days, you would crack up and say “whoa - she wasn’t kidding!”

What is the One Thing?

What does it take to improve your life?  It can seem unattainable, impossible, and downright discouraging when we try to tackle our biggest challenges and weaknesses.  However, when we become focused, amazing things can happen.  


Mass shootings. Natural disasters. Death. Accidents. Terrorism. Political unrest. Heath. Safety. Money. Relationships….

There is so much intensity in the air right now.

Intensity that rips our hearts open with fear.

How can we cope?

Feeling Connected in a Disconnected World

The truth of the matter is, we live in a crazy world where we can be connected through email, voicemail, Facebook messenger, texting, Instagram, Snapchat, and so many more ways. However, we still feel more disconnected than ever.

Eating Healthy on a Business Trip

Yes, you can stay healthy while traveling for business, but it takes careful planning and hard work!


I had made myself vulnerable.

I had shared my stories of pain, not-good-enoughness while growing up, and how for most of my life I had distracted myself from feeling my feelings.

Now I felt naked.

I needed to hide from the intense feelings...

So, I crafted my escape plan.

Confessions of a Former Sugar Addict

When my birthday rolls around this year, you will find me indulging in life rather than cake. After all, Isn’t that what celebrating birthdays is all about?

5 Books that CHANGED my Life

Every so often a book comes along that turns my world upside down in the best possible way. Here are 5 of my favorite books that I think you might love as well!

The 7 things I do EVERY Morning!

Here are the 7 things that I do EVERY day so that I start the day feeling grounded and focused.

Are you struggling to find the right words?

I'm getting ready to lead a meditation circle tonight and I am struggling to find the right words to convey what I am feeling.