Classes are Starting in September - Space is VERY Limited!


Good health is not just about eating kale and going to the gym.

We need connection, support, and some giggles too.

To anyone thinking about joining one of Lisa’s groups- JUST DO IT! Starting was the best thing I ever did for myself. I learned the power of the group, got a great “toolbox” for navigating life, and moved out of a painful, stagnant and grief-driven period. My virtual group support has been amazing. I have a stellar new set of friends all on our own expansive journey. Don’t miss out on Lisa Lewtan. Sign up TODAY!
— Anne E. Auten

Mindful living groups are for sharing, connecting, and supporting each other around healthy and intentional living.


New Groups are Starting in September!

Simply Choose the Group that works best for you.

Mindful Living Groups provide connections that leave us alive and feeling more human.Included in your registration is one 30-Minute Private Phone Coaching Session with Health & Lifestyle Coach Lisa Lewtan for any time between September and December 2018.

As I am embarking on a new part of my life, I’m both scared and excited; Lisa and the support of all the group members has been invaluable to me. I feel that I am learning the tools and have the positive attitude to carry on with the changes I have put in place. Its a process, but I see real changes and I am looking forward to learning from Lisa and the wonderful and supportive environment that she creates. I cannot thank Lisa enough.
— Inna Braginsky
With Lisa’s leadership and the support of other group members, I have learned to be mindful of the moments that add up to my one healthy life. This group has helped me understand that there is no beginning or end to leading a balanced life. Each moment counts and the time to start is NOW.
— M.A. Gallerani
Lisa brings like minded women together in a unique setting and across the country using technology. She’s able to quickly target relevant topics that brings out the best in each of us and bridges women together to form friendships and lifelong bonds. I highly recommend her groups as they create meaningful conversations that are thoughtful and heartfelt.
— Liza Schwartz

In Person Group

We will meet in person on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 - 8:30pm in Weston MA with optional "get out of your comfort zone" outings in between. Participants should be open to new ways of thinking and looking for transformational experiences.


5 In-Person Sessions

5 Optional Participant-Led Group Outings

1 30-Minute Private Coaching Call with Lisa

Private Chat Group

2018 Meeting Dates:

September 26th / October 17th / November 7th / November 28th / December 19th

Price: $349

Lisa is passionate about helping people learn healthy lifestyle strategies. Lisa’s positive energy, breadth of knowledge, and thought provoking questions, takes you on a journey of self discovery. Lisa fosters a safe environment for discussion and sharing, allowing us to learn from and support each other as well as to dive deep into topics.
— Mary M
Thank you for bringing a group of thoughtful women together, for your spot on insight, infinite wisdom & for leading our conversations from a caring place. You’re onto something meaningful & life changing for many women asking what’s next.
— Amy Albert

Virtual Group

We will meet via Zoom Video Conferencing on Tuesdays at 12:00 ET (3:00 PT) for an hour. Participants should be open to new ways of thinking and looking for transformational experiences.


6 Meetings Via Zoom

1 30-Minute Private Coaching Call with Lisa

Private Chat Group

Video Recordings of Missed Meetings

2018 Meeting Dates:

September 25th / October 9th & 23rd / November 6th and 20th / December 4th

Price: $349

Lisa Lewtan is the real deal. I can say that Lisa’s knowledge is outstanding, her facilitation skills are top notch, and she is just fun to be with, whether in person or through the virtual groups. In fact, if anyone isn’t sure the virtual route is “hands-on” enough, the technology is incredible. I actually think we are in contact more because of technology and our group has gelled so intensely. I consider Lisa a mentor, a coach, and a friend who I feel grateful to have on my life journey. THANK YOU LISA!
— Laura Goode

Mindful Livings Groups Offer




Because it’s time to stop struggling + start living...

I am so glad I found Lisa! She is genuine and really cares about her clients. I don’t even feel like a client-I feel like a friend. She has created an amazing community with our group and leads us all by example. I can’t think of a better way to keep myself grounded than to participate in a group of like-minded women lead by an amazing inspirational mentor. ❤️
— Theodora Pace
Lisa, you are amazing to work within the group and individual times. Your ability to make me look inward and to take every facet of living and being well into account, is what I love the most about working with you. You help me see the whole person, not just the parts that need to be tweaked.I have grown to trust my inner voice and to question what is not right in a way I hadn’t had the tools to do so before I worked with you. Thank you!
— Jill M


"Helping people transform their lives is not my job, it’s my life purpose."

- Lisa Lewtan

I have experienced a personal transformation working with Lisa both individually and in groups. The practices, awareness and wisdom I’ve gained from these experiences now propels me forward with a new confidence.
— Lisa G

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