Why hire a coach?

Let's face it, many people think of coaching as a 'luxury", not a necessity, so I want to tell you why this is outdated thinking...

Athletes hire coaches in order to achieve greater success in their sport. Executives are usually GIVEN coaches to improve their leadership, management, and communication skills. Actors continually use coaches to hone their trade. Then there are public speaking coaches, singing coaches, business coaches, and so many more. 

Our world is moving so quickly that coaches help us keep up with the all the latest information and strategies so that you don't have to. Aren't you busy enough already?


Why a Health and Lifestyle coach?

I get it. Your life is already pretty darn good already.

You are grateful. You are surrounded by great people. You are getting shit done.

You have been trying really hard to take care of yourself and everyone else in your life but the to-do list is forever growing, your efforts at getting healthier don't seem to do anything, and you know you need to slow down and reflect, but have no clue on how how to start. You hate to complain because you know you have so much more than so many others, but something is still not right, and it's bugging you, and yet you can't put your finger on what that is. 

 This is where I come in...

Health and Lifestyle Coaching is an investment that helps us go from feeling good to feeling GREAT in all areas of our life including food, stress, sleep, fun, meditation, relationships, and so much more. Even time management and clutter control! It requires an investment of time, money, and energy, but the payoffs are tremendous in terms of greater health, happiness, performance, and SANITY.


I get you.

I have spent years transforming myself from a Type A, uber-busy entrepreneur, volunteer, and stressed-out mom into a peaceful, happy woman who is passionate about life and feels calmer than ever and you can be too.  

As your coach, I will hold you accountable, support you, push you ever so delicately out of your comfort zone, challenge you, and teach you all sorts of tips and tricks to calm your soul and challenge your thinking patterns.

I'm like a therapist, spiritual guru, and personal trainer all in one (at least that's what my clients tell me!)

Think of us as a team of investigators setting out to solve the mystery of you. There is no quick fix or magic formula. We’ll figure out the answers by trial and error, knowing that everything is a clue and we’re connecting the dots to find out what’s really going on in your life and how to make it better.

Why work with me?




Help where you need it!

Through my holistic private coaching, mindful living group programs, and investigative food programs, I offer a customized selection of these topics support you:

Healthy Eating



Elimination Diets

Sugar Detox

Tech Detox

Emotional Eating

Time Management

Gratitude Practice







Stress Reduction

Reframing Thought Patterns


Morning Routine



Time Management

Clutter Control