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Schedule a Call with me so I can better understand your challenges. There is no obligation, just brainstorming and figuring out if we like each other.




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Private Coaching

You think it’s about food, but you aren’t really sure. Maybe it’s about stress? Or lack of purpose? Maybe all of them? Let’s connect all the dots, figure out what’s really going on for you, and set simple strategies to move you forward.

Mindful Living Groups

Seeking a cozy and committed group focusing on lifestyle, meditation, mindfulness, connection, and support? Having people to connect with is way more nourishing than a bowl of kale salad. It may even curb your ice cream cravings.

Healthy Eating Programs

Looking to change your relationship with food? With my online programs, Eat to Thrive and Ditch Your Sugar Itch, making changes is easy and feels great! Offered throughout the year or one-on-one.


Looking for a jump-start into a healthier life? Spend a VIP day hanging out with me and we will work-out, food shop, meditate, and come up with an individualized plan for you filled with more energy, joy, and productivity.