Breaking Free Podcast 53: Lisa Lewtan Shares Her Secrets To Remove Stress And Live Healthy, Happy and Hip

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Lisa Lewtan is on the show today sharing all her secrets to creating a healthy, happy and hip life.

Lisa teaches busy, high-stress, hungry go-getters how to calm down, eat healthier and stop beating themselves up so that they can truly nourish their bodies and feed their souls.

And for Lisa Lewtan, this is personal.

She’s not teaching from theory and ‘shoulds’ (although she’s completed a lot of education along the way). Lisa was the busy, high-stress, hungry go-getter until she completely crashed and suffered from working way too hard.

If you’ve ever wanted to radiate positivity, inner peace and good health… but thought that you needed to wait for some ‘perfect’ day, Lisa Lewtan will debunk that myth. She’ll talk about why NOW is the time and why you really can’t wait.

In This Episode:

  • Lisa shares her journey from starting her tech business until now, and her successes and failures along the way
  • The attitude of never quitting can actually be a detriment; Lisa never stopped even though she was working way too hard for not enough reward and she ended up crashing
  • Lisa shares how she used herself as her own guinea pig to get herself healthy and well and now she shares that with her clients
  • I get some great tips from Lisa for you on how to get started living a healthy life and feeling better
  • Lisa shares how her business is set up and what she’s all about
  • As Lisa has gone through her own health journey, she shares what made her want to turn it into a business to help others
  • Once you get quiet enough, many times you can hear your inner voice driving you in your business and life
  • As women entrepreneurs, we can be so afraid to ask for help, but once you realize it’s out there it can be so relieving not to have to do it all by yourself
  • Lisa shares how she became fearless in being able to reach out to people and to write articles
  • Lisa talks about sharing her vulnerabilities, and how those moments can be the most rewarding
  • Lisa doesn’t wait for permission with anything, and she shares how she’s able to do that
  • You will always do things that don’t work and things that do, it’s trying it over and over that matters
  • Lisa shares what being an entrepreneur has meant to her