Does the word BINGE make you CRINGE?

Does the word BINGE make you CRINGE?

Lately, I have been on a binge...

No, it wasn't too much alcohol -- though I did have my share of cocktails while sitting by the pool with my family in Vieques. And no, it wasn't too much sugar -- though I did have a few too many delicious desserts this holiday season. 

This week I have been binging on something entirely new for me -- I binged on nothingness.

Like many of you, I have trouble doing nothing. And also, like many of you, I have been working very hard lately. Getting Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed written, published, and launched was exhilarating but also exhausting and I knew I needed a break. I have a hard time letting it all go. But I did it, I took the binge...

I binged on family time.

I binged on reconnecting with friends.

I binged on self-compassion.

I binged on forgiveness.

And I even binged on TV.

And guess what... it felt deliciously naughty! 

We have a few days left in the year. Can you binge on nothingness for a bit?