What is the One Thing?

What does it take to improve your life?

It can seem unattainable, impossible, and downright discouraging when we try to tackle our biggest challenges and weaknesses.  However, when we become focused, amazing things can happen.  

To become more focused, I learned to develop a new practice by asking: “What is the number one thing that I can be doing right now to move me ahead in my goals?”  The answer to this question often propels me forward into real change, one step at a time, no matter the area of your life.

Is your work life overwhelming?  

A new project can throw us into a downward spiral.  There’s always a million pieces to any project and sometimes we get distracted because we want to check off boxes, losing sight of the true goal.

When a new project surfaces, instead of throwing yourself in head first, ask “What is the number one thing that I can be doing in this moment to move me ahead in the project?” Maybe it’s brainstorming and writing everything down. Maybe the number one thing is getting on the phone and asking somebody who’s done something like this before. Maybe the number one thing is having a team meeting.  Focus on the number one thing and it will be much easier to propel forward when that is tackled.

Another area that can be taken step by step is health.  What is the number one thing you can be doing in this moment? Maybe it is hydrating or getting proper rest.  It is always different from one person to the next helps us stay on track.

Don’t put yourself through a guilt trip if you get off track. It just happens— most of us are going to go up and down.  The best thing you can do in those moments is ask what the one thing is to get back on track.

When we start focusing on that one thing we need to do, we are able to be more productive in all areas of our lives. We need to come up with strategies and tools for everything.