The 7 things I do EVERY Morning!

One of the first 5 questions I ask every guest on my radio show is "How do you spend the first part of your day?"  I love getting a voyeuristic look into their lives and picking up tips. Since this is an area that comes up quite a bit with my coaching clients, I thought I would share my morning routine with you!

Here are the 7 things that I do EVERY day so that I start the day feeling grounded and focused:

1) Affirmations
I like to take a deep breath just before eating my breakfast and say my daily affirmations. They are the same each day (for at least a few months at a time) and are focused on gratitude for my food, family, friends, and my good fortune, my life purpose, and what wonderful thing I would like to happen that day.

2) Healthy Breakfast Sitting Down
I love breakfast and never miss it. Although I may vary what I eat, I ALWAYS sit down and eat mindfully and in silence.

3) Gratitude Journal
In addition to my one line of gratitude at breakfast, I write 5 bullet points in my gratitude journal daily. It might be something as simple as I am grateful for avocados or something more poignant like a person, a situation, or a feeling.

4) Meditation
To make my practice feel special, I light a candle and sit in my favorite spot. I always start with a quick body scan and an emotional scan just to observe what is REALLy going on with me. I then meditate for anywhere from 10-20 minutes depending on my day.

5) Intention Setting
I jot down the 3 biggest areas of focus for me that day and how I would like to feel at the end of the day. Rather than trying to get everything done, I want to be sure the most important things get done first. If there is more time when those are completed, I move on to the next things on the list.

6) Quick Email, Social Media, and Texts

I do a scan of emails, social media, and texts. I  respond to a few quick notes, may post something on my mind, and send a few "thinking of you texts". I save the rest for later in the day. I also read some of the top news stories.

7) Exercise
It is rare I don't do some form of exercise in the morning. Right now I am mixing it up with CrossFit, Boxing, Spinning, and B-Tone (which is like pilates on steroids!).  In addition, I am walking much more thanks to the treadmill desk that I mentioned last week!

I discussed morning rituals with one of my clients yesterday and received this email from her this morning:

"So I chose to add in the morning ritual which was wonderful. I lit a candle (so nice) and took a beautiful "guest book" that I am using that for writing grateful list, intentions, feelings. I then shuffled and chose a Tarot card and got The Priestess card which is a very special card representing healing, independence, access to intuitive powers, inner equilibrium and increased self-confidence! It fit right in with my own set intention. Love the magic first thing in the morning. Thanks xoxo"


How do you start YOUR day?

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