Searching for the Perfect Buzz

“I'm always searching for the

PERFECT BUZZ”, she said.

"I start with a cocktail...

and follow that with a couple of puffs

of a sativa type of weed...

and then follow that with a second cocktail...

or a glass of wine.

I then like to end my night

with a sleep-enhancing

indica strain of weed."

She went on...

"My goal is to feel good in the moment...

to enjoy my food,

to enjoy the company,

and to enjoy the atmosphere, 

but wake up fresh the next day."


I know you are dying to know...

Who said that????

It was a friend.

A smart, funny friend

who clearly thinks about things deeply

and lives with intention.


A part of me is in awe.

A part of me is terrified.

You may not believe this...


I was not the coolest girl in high school.

And I am still not now.

You see...

I hardly drink.

I like to go to bed early whenever I can.

I hate going out to dinner late.

You know...

All the stuff I talk about all the time

in these newsletters that 

I pray that you occasionally read!

Yes, some may consider me boring

or "old-lady" like...

But, truthfully,

I could not care less!




And here's the amazing part...

Just like my friend,

I too want to enjoy my food,

and enjoy the company,

and enjoy the atmosphere, 

and wake up fresh the next day!

I too live my life with intention

and I too have a formula for a perfect buzz!

Mine's just a little more metaphysical 

and does not involve substances,

(except for chocolate but that's 

for another email)

No, my buzz comes from awareness.

Awareness of the moment.

Awareness of my breath.

Awareness of my body and mind connection.

Trust me, this buzz is AWESOME.

And I would love to share it with you.

I can't promise it will make you the cool girl,

but I can promise that you won't care!

Lisa LewtanComment