That Comment Changed My Life!

“Your comment was my biggest takeaway of the day” she said.

“It changed my life!”

She was referring to something I said at the MetroWest Conference for Women.

Over 650 women had come to learn, connect, share and grow and I was honored to be a speaker.

I was on a panel with two other experts and our topic was

Feeding your Mind, Body, and Self.

We talked about everything from emotional eating... to body image... to how food impacts our mood.

Someone in the audience asked a question:

"How do we, panelists, deal with body image issues?"

and this is where I said it...

It wasn’t the part I said about my mom praising flat bellies... And it wasn’t about my son’s article called "Fuck You Barbie!"...

No, it was another thing entirely...

It was the part when I explained that as I have been getting older, I have come to realize that this body is just my “Earth Suit”.

It houses my soul and the more I work on my soul the less important the suit feels.

Don’t get me wrong…

I take care of my earth suit.

I eat healthy.

I work out most days.

I even get massages whenever I can.


I know that just like my favorite sweater that is starting to get pilly and has a tiny little moth hole...

My body is aging.

Clothes are fitting differently.

Some parts are moving downwards.

Others sideways.

And some are actually sticking out!

And that’s going to have to be Ok.

Because it’s a good body.

It’s strong.

It’s soft.

It’s a great companion to me and has been for my entire life.

And I refuse to abuse it, or shame it, and even though I know that I will ALWAYS want to lose 5 lbs, my body did nothing wrong.

It does not deserve anything less than kindness and love.

So when that woman told me that the “earth suit’ was her biggest takeaway of the day.

I had to smile because that woman clearly gets it too.

Hopefully, she will help others get it too and we will come together and stop shaming each other and instead, start celebrating each other for the beautiful souls that we are and the beautiful earth suits that we live in.

Lisa LewtanComment