I warn you... You are NOT going to like this!

"I warn you... You are not going to like this."

Those were the first words I heard her say to me the other day as I was leaving Orangetheory Fitness.

There I was…

clearing the sweat pouring into my eyes…

talking to a lovely woman, whose name I couldn't recall.

I met her back 10 years ago at Gold’s Gym.

She said:

“Lisa, I remember a story from way back when and you are not going to like it!”

Immediately, I froze and felt ashamed of something but didn’t know what it was.

Had I said something nasty to someone?

Were people saying that I looked fat?

Was my thong showing through my Lululemons?

My brain was racing with negativity…

“You were just about to move into your new house” she continued. And you had a flood so you had to delay your move and rip out your brand new floors and basement”.

She paused.

What? My inner critic screamed inside my head.

That’s it?

Where’s the bad part?

She went on.

“You were so gracious and just said that since no one was hurt, it was no big deal. I was shocked at how calm you stayed!”

When I realized that the flood was what she thought I wouldn't want to be reminded about, the relief flooded my recently traumatized brain.

Ok, who doesn’t want to hear THAT?

A reminder that I was calm?

A reminder that I was grateful?

LOL - it made my day!

I want to hear THAT every day!

Actually, I do hear that every day.

That's what I hear from everyone and it still surprises me.

Yes, I am very very calm but I wasn’t always this way. I learned tips and tools along the way to help me stay calm even in tough situations and now I help others do the same.

Staying calm is crucial to our health because it keeps our cortisol levels down and relationships intact! When you are ready to learn my tricks, let me know!

I promise, you are going to like it!

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