What if we weren’t told that we were special?

Do you ever hear voices in your head saying...

“You’re not smart enough.”

“You’re not pretty enough.”

“You’re not talented enough.”

Are these whispers from your childhood?  Can you still feel their jabs in your soul?

Sometimes we remember actual words spoken, and other times just perceptions. It doesn’t really matter if they are true or false because the damage was done.

BUT...what about all the things that we were NOT told?

What if we weren’t told that we were beautiful?

What if we weren’t told that we were special?

What if we weren’t told that we had a gift that is unique to us and that it will one day light up the world?

I often think that if we were told THESE things they might have countered all the negative things that we picked up along the way. Then I remind myself that it is never too late.

We can start telling ourselves these things right NOW.

We can start believing that we are good enough and that we are beautiful enough and that we are smart enough.  

And that we are lovable.

And that we are funny in a quirky kind of way.

And that we don’t have to be perfect.

We need to hear it from ourselves. Really. Because if people tell us these things and we don’t believe them ourselves, then their words will be meaningless. The only way for us to believe that it’s true is to take the time and do the work and love ourselves mercilessly.

Only then will the positive words of others have any meaning because we can believe them.

So what are the things that you were NOT told?

Make a list of all of them.

Tell yourself every single day each and every one of them with conviction until you believe them.  

It’s never too late.

This is how we heal.

Lisa LewtanComment