You Are Good Enough

When I think back to all the times in my life when iI beat myself up internally because I didn't feel like I was SMART enough, or THIN enough, or SUCCESSFUL enough, or ATHLETIC enough, or INTERESTING enough, or just plain SPECIAL enough it makes me want to barf. All that wasted energy. All that unnecessary stress and thought that could have been used so much more productively. I still do it. We ALL do it. Even though I have been actively trying NOT to do it, it takes practice and time. Practice to change our thought patterns. Practice to be our own cheerleaders and advocates and our own best friends. It all starts here.

Take a look in the mirror today and don't look at the same person that you stare at every day. Rather than focusing on the bulging belly or the receding hairline or the fine lines around your eyes or aching stiffness in your lower back, STOP and look at yourself the way others see you. I have a feeling you might like that person a whole lot better. I have a feeling that the person the rest of us see is gorgeous and fascinating and kind and successful and someone I would like to hang out with. I also have a feeling that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH and so am I.


Lisa LewtanComment