I was the Wicked Witch of Metro-West!

You are such a Wicked Witch!

That's what I used to say to myself every year on November 1st.
It usually started with me wanting to innocently sample a piece or two of my kids' halloween candy, but it usually ended with a pile of wrappers, a dizzy spell, and a friggen "don't come near me or I will be forced to hurt you" sign emblazoned on my forehead. It was the one day of the year that I would become a full blown screamingWicked Witch of the Metrowest!  

Was it:
Too much sugar?          YUP
Too much caffeine?      YUP
Feeling like a failure?    YUP
Knowing I was doomed until January?  Double YUP.
I can't begin to tell you how MISERABLE I was every single year between October 31st and January 2nd and how happy I am that those days are OVER! Not only do I not want the cheap halloween candy, but these days I keep it pretty together for most of the holiday season.

It was a journey, but well worth it, because in the end I made it to OZ feeling like a Badass Glinda :)  I so GET IT and I really want to help YOU too!   

Lisa LewtanComment