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Do Women Think About Food The Way Men Think About Sex?

I have a theory. I think that many women think about food the way men think about sex.

We have all seen those studies where they say that men think about sex every seven seconds or thousands of times per day. Yes, many women think about sex a lot too, but many women think about food even more. Some women even think about food while having sex. Why is this happening?

My guess is that somewhere along the way, our wires got crossed, and food became our go-to, easy-to-get, always-available form of pleasure.

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Oops I did it AGAIN!

I just spent a very fun weekend in Las Vegas with a group of friends. Though Britney Spears was on vacation from her nightly Vegas concert, we did get to see another great show call Zumanity! I tried to eat healthy and keep to my workout regimen while I was there, BUT by the end of the weekend I couldn't help but OVER-INDULGE!

Yes, it still happens to me and I pay the price in a big way in terms of weight gain, bloating, and fatigue BUT I keep in mind that I did have FUN. Lots of fun. Having good times with friends, jumping out of your comfort zone, and shaking up your routine is not only fun but it is HEALTHY too!

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