Have You Thought About Taking a Break From Sugar?

As a Healthy Living Strategist, I help many people eliminate or reduce the sugar in their diets to help them move from feeling like, “I can’t have it” to “I just don’t want it”. I have learned that different approaches work for different people. Some people like to take a break from sugar and get quick results from my “Ditch Your Sugar Itch” program, but others prefer a slow and steady approach.

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The Superwoman’s Guide to Healthy Eating

Are you a self-declared Superwoman flying from one “need-to-check-the-box” goal to another throughout your day? Do you feel like your work is never done? But, when you become depleted, instead of taking time to recharge with rest, relaxation or fun, you keep going and going and getting more stressed along the way? And, the more stressed you feel, the more you turn to food — that universal quick-fix — for comfort. You are not alone.

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A New Way of Making New Year's Resolutions

Are you sick of making New Years Resolutions that only REMOVE things from your diet or life in general?

This year, give yourself a break and put a positive spin on those resolutions. Rather than removing things from your life, try ADDING in more lusciousness and the things that will really nourish your body and soul. You might actually stick with them!

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