Studies have shown that the clutter on our desk can be a clue to the emotional clutter in our head...


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Learn how to banish the mess to better your body!

Wednesday, August 30 @ 5 pm ET

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In this webinar I’ll share:

The direct correlation between clutter and stress

Why a messy house can trigger a snack-attack (and what to do about it)

How order help s everything (including your weight) fall into place


You’ll also hear about some lasting lifestyle changes that will finally help you stop struggling and start thriving!

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Hi. I’m Lisa Lewtan.

In my early 30's, after consistently working crazy hours as a tech company founder, taking care of my family, and NOT taking care of myself...I collapsed... literally. I honestly remember that all I could think about for days before the collapse was “I have to do the laundry… I have to do more laundry.”  Can you relate?

Well after the “collapse” or as Brene Brown would say “enlightenment”, I was a mess for 2 years!!  Determined to restore my health and frustrated with doctors offering me prescriptions but no answers, I took matters into my own hands and started experimenting. I paid attention to how foods made me feel, the importance of sleep and regular exercise, the effects of caffeine, and the role of happiness, positive thinking, and meaningful connections. Even the laundry!

And guess what... I got better and discovered what I needed to thrive.  Eventually I went back to school to study holistic nutrition and realized that good health is not just about food and exercise but everything in your life.. INCLUDING CLUTTER.