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Healthy View Radio is helping Health Coaches get exposure and experience!

Healthy View Radio focuses on real life women’s health struggles and is hosted by three Health and Wellness Rock Stars:  Andrea Beaman, Lisa Lewtan, and Michelle Pfennighaus all of whom are expert health coaches with large social media followings. The show is aired LIVE on Thursday afternoons and then immediately downloaded to an Itunes Podcast.

In addition to interviewing Health & Wellness Leaders...

Healthy View Radio would like to make media more accessible to health and life coaches who would like to get the word out on new books or programs.

On certain episodes, after the celebrity guest is interviewed, there will be an opportunity in our third portion of the show for our hosts to interview a coach.

If chosen, the coach will receive:

  • A 10-minute interview on live radio with a global audience
  • Links to the recording and Itunes Podcast
  • Huge exposure and credibility
  • An opportunity to promote a book, course, and/or website
  • The ability to add a link to the episode and Healthy View logo on their website to demonstrate their position as an expert in the media
  • A chance to hone their interviewing skills in a safe environment with fellow health coaches

This is a unique opportunity simply due to the exposure. Every episode is promoted via email and social media by:

  • The celebrity guest
  • The 3 hosts (all of which are health coaches with big followings)
  • Your message will reach over 30,000 on social media alone


In order to qualify, a brief interview by one of the hosts may be required. There will also be an investment of $225 to help defray the production costs of the show.

Please direct any questions to