I have a feeling I understand you...

You get down on yourself because you think you lack willpower?

You want to stop eating sugar, yet you can’t really imagine life without it. 

You do your best to eat healthy but you still feel those 4:00pm slumps. 

Yes, I get it. 

Maybe passing on that daily visit to your chocolate stash or cookie jar...

Or maybe you’re a sugar-grazer … sugary cereals or trail mix bars for breakfast … little treats throughout the day … something yummy while watching TV at night?

Any of you ever hide your goodies - either so your family couldn’t get into your stash, or so coworkers didn’t realize how much candy you were grabbing from the bowl?

Yep, been there.

Ditch Your Sugar Itch is a 10-day online program I designed to help people break free from the hold sugar has on them. I’ve helped countless women and men and I’m dedicated to helping you.

Packed with daily videos, audios, articles, quizzes, recipes, and thoughtful questions (which all take less than 10 minutes each day) Ditch Your Sugar Itch will:

  • Educate You
  • inspire You
  • Motivate You
  • Transform You


     Option A: Only $159                                    Option B: Only $399



I can't wait to help YOU...

Ditch YOUR Sugar Itch!!!