Be Patient, Be Honest and Be Fearless with Lisa Lewtan Founder and Owner of Healthy, Happy, and Hip

Lisa Lewtan is a Health & Lifestyle Coach, the founder of Healthy, Happy, and Hip, an award-winning author, and the host of Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed Radio on (which is named after her book). Using the skills she developed as a successful technology entrepreneur, Lisa self-hacked her own mind and body to restore her health and then go on to feel better than ever. With private coaching, online courses, workshops, and retreats, Lisa helps highly successful hungry go-getters to slow down, chill-out, develop a better relationship with food and stress, look good, and feel great.

Entrepreneurial Role Models:

Lisa’s husband

When business started difficulties overcame:

“We made it as absolutely difficult as possible, we had no money, we had no business plan, we had no clients, we were just a couple of young kids that were like hey let’s give this a shot and you probably want to go in a little more prepared than we did, but on the other side we used to say you have to become an expert on the sly and I learned so much”…[Listen for More] 

Favourite Quote:

“Be truthful, gentle, and fearless” 

Neil’s Quote at the Beginning:

“One of the best questions you can ask when something negative happens is this: What does this experience make possible?” Michael Hyatt, Living Forward

Other Quotes From the Chat with Lisa Lewtan:

“Don’t be a quitter, everything is going to take a lot lot longer than you think it’s going to take. So you hear about these overnight successes well I think in most cases that if you look at a business that’s doing well they’ve been doing it a lot lot longer than you actually heard of them”