it’s not about information, It’s about transformation

I will teach, show, and expose you to ways, mindset shifts, and real solutions that will work for you and your goals.  

You are a total original, but that doesn’t mean that what is stressing you out and stopping you from going after your goals is a great mystery - at least not to me.

I have helped numerous professionals, students, and moms, just like you, overcome their overwhelm in all areas of their life. No matter if your trigger is food, relationships, work, or your inner critic - the ways to overcome it are the same.

If you are ready to let go of your habit of anxiety, stress, or overwhelm then let’s get to work. It starts with six simple sessions. 

During our time together you expect:

  • A trusted mentor who doesn’t judge you but totally understands how one simple thought can stop you in your tracks.

  • Delve into the areas of your life that are that creating a unique struggle and come with a unique plan for you to get healthier, be more productive, and of course add lots of happiness and inner peace. 

  • Sessions that take place on your schedule. No matter if that is in person, on the phone, or via Zoom - over 6 weeks or 6 months - we move at your pace and towards your goals.

  • To be introduced to my toolbox of life hack tools that you can love or leave, but don’t worry we will find what works for you and your goals.

  • Personal accountability, but no judgement. I am here to support you like a best friend that has your back. 

  • Learn new perspectives to old patterns that create massive positive results.

Due to the intimate and intense nature of this work, new one on one clients are only accepted after a phone consultation. Schedule your consultation here: