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As a former tech entrepreneur and mom of 3 who crashed and burned from not taking care of myself, I understand what it means to be busy, stressed, and overwhelmed and putting my needs last. I understand how hard it is to create a practical life that works and that feels calm, healthy, and productive life.

Now, as a certified “Holistic Health Coach”, “Designing Your Life” Coach, author of the bestselling book “Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed”, and podcast host on “The Healthy View”, I have amazing best-practice tools to help you de-stress, develop a better relationship with food, and connect your mind with your body so you can finally start feeling your best.

We will dig deep into every area of your life including lifestyle, work, nutrition, stress, sleep, fun, meditation, and key relationships. Even time management, life purpose, productivity, work/life balance, and clutter control!

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Private Coaching

You think it’s about food, but maybe it’s about stress or lack of purpose? Maybe all of them? Let’s connect all the dots, figure out what’s really going on for you, and set simple strategies to move you forward and create a happy, meaningful life.


Mindful Living Groups

Seeking a cozy and committed  group focusing on lifestyle, meditation, mindfulness, connection, and support? Having people to connect with is way more nourishing than a bowl of kale salad. It may even curb your ice cream cravings.


Looking for a jump-start into a healthier life? Spend a VIP day hanging out with me and we will work-out, food shop, meditate, and come up with an individualized plan for you filled with more energy, joy, and productivity.