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Take a Booze Snooze is a 10-Day No-Alcohol Online Group Program for Social Drinkers who want to give their bodies a break and see what happens!

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This Online Program Includes:

  • Group Kick-Off Call

  • Frequent Check-ins

  • Daily Online Tips to Help You Beat Cravings

  • Private Online Forum for Support

  • Accountability Partners to Keep You Honest

  • Resources to Educate You

  • Motivational Tips and Tricks

This program was extremely effective for me. It gave me the tools to reign in my alcohol habits and I am much more self-aware and able to make the choices I want to make about what to put in my body and what to say “no” to. I’m a person who has had “fun with alcohol” for a long time now and my family and best friends surround me with many similar habits (and triggers). At this time I do not plan to stop drinking entirely, but I do plan to have many more days without alcohol so that I can stop sabotaging my great eating and workout habits and gain better sleep, more energy, and positive productiveness in my days (and nights). In addition to some great tools - Lisa has provided valuable information about alcohol consumption and effects.
— D.D.

Investment - $149

(Consider how much you will be saving on alcohol in those 10 days!!!)


It worked! I can not remember the last time I went alcohol-free for 10 days. I feel amazing. I am not bloated, I lost a few pounds, I have lots of energy, no morning regrets and I did not miss drinking at all. I still went out and I still had fun. Lesson learned. Lisa, your course was filled with all types of amazing facts that I did not know and committing to the group by phone and in a closed group really helped me not to stray at all. Thank you for this gift.
— M.C.
What a gift! I was ready for the challenge and got what I wanted - a break from alcohol, more sanity, more patience with my family, and a better feeling about life.
— R.L.



What others have said about this transformational program!

Lisa’s program opened my eyes to the multitude of woman who are experiencing the same issues with alcohol. The articles were great to read, the support from the other participants was wonderful, and learning to check in with myself and discover how I feel with and without alcohol was priceless. This program allowed me to slow down and break some unhealthy habits.
— S.R.
I’ve been struggling with over doing it with wine for many years… always feeling guilt and remorse the day after. Lisa’s course opened my eyes to the many sufferers out there who are struggling just as I am. It was fantastic to hear others stories and to see they resembled mine. I no longer feel as if it’s only me. She has also made me aware that I can control myself and gave me many tools to curb the triggers that make me drink. If you too struggle with alcohol addiction, you deserve to give yourself the wake-up
call with joining Lisa’s program.
— P.C.
Lisa’s program gave me the structure and support to take a break from daily drinking. There were no judgements - just helpful strategies, articles to read and other members to learn from and share struggles with. It was so helpful to know I was not the only one having a hard time with this and that I could take control. After ten days alcohol-free, I feel so much lighter - emotionally and physically. I lost 4 pounds, am not as anxious about the crazy world we live in and am just happier. Thank you, Lisa!
— S.H.
A ten-day journey to a healthier, happier you. Sounds like hype, but in my case it is true. Lisa Lewtan guides you through the steps. You must walk the walk, but she shows the way. Awesome way to lose the booze. I highly recommend the class.
— S.H.
Great program! I loved the format. It was easy to follow with a lot of meaningful information . I felt very supported by the other group members and Lisa. It was thought provoking but also fun!
— G.F.