Eating Healthy on a Business Trip

Eating healthy on a business trip is very different than eating while on a vacation.

Eating Healthy on a Business Trip

Here's why:

  • You may be traveling very early or very late in the day. This will automatically disrupt some of the good habits you have worked so hard to put in place.

  • Your schedule is not your own.

  • You often are served your meals rather than being able to order your meals.

  • You often don't have a refrigerator to store your own food.

  • Your eating schedule gets thrown off so you may go for long periods without food. This can make you cranky, tired, and lightheaded.

  • If you do eat out, you may be alone or with a group of people from work which could possibly cause you anxiety and/or stress and cause you to eat mindlessly.

  • Different times zones may make you extra sleepy and crave heavy foods.

  • Your exercise routine will be thrown off.

  • Your hydration will also be thrown off.

  • You are limited to food choices nearby.

Need I say more?  So what do you do in these situations?


  • Bring healthy snacks with you. If you can bring fresh veggies and fruits and have a place to store them, that is awesome.

  • If you can't bring fresh food, bring some bars and bags of nuts. I am not a fan of bars in general, but I would rather you bring a somewhat healthy bar than being forced to buy whatever is available in the vending machine or snack bar. 

  • Eat a BIG breakfast. If you are staying in a hotel, either order room service or leave time to get down to the restaurant before your meeting. Having an opportunity to start the day with healthy proteins and fats will set you up for clear thinking and good energy. I love ordering eggs, veggies, and some avocado on top! Oatmeal is another good option.

  • Focus on lots of veggies, healthy proteins, and fats at each meal. Save fruit for a dessert rather than a snack to keep your blood sugar in check.

  • Avoid the "I'm not home so I can eat whatever I want" mentality otherwise you won't be happy when you do return home!

  • That being said, enjoy the foods of different locations and find healthy versions of local favorites.

  • Limit your alcohol. Not only will it impact your food choices, but it may impact your clarity and sleep quality as well.

  • Drink LOTs of extra water! Extra sitting, poor air quality, fatigue, and hard work all will work to dehydrate you. Bring a reusable water bottle and keep refilling it!

Yes, you can stay healthy while traveling for business, but it takes careful planning and hard work. I know you can handle it! Enjoy the trip and close the deal!